Artificial Intelligence in Education

Nazeema Raju · January 16, 2021

This five-week course is inspired by an article passionately written by H.H Hussein Al Hammadi the UAE Minister of Education, and embeds his vision of the transformation of Education using Artificial Intelligence.

Participants will engage with the article to understand his vision and the importance of transforming to AI. Throughout all training sessions, participants will be engaged in 21st century methodology activities, which they would be able to implement at school.
Education is moving at a very fast pace towards Artificial Intelligence and as a result, this workshop will prepare educators for the future of education and the importance of developing a growth mindset to accept and embrace the challenges ahead. 21st century strategies will be implemented throughout the entire course to enhance teaching methodology and prepare participants to be 21st century teachers in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Highlight key points made by the Minister of Education’s article about AI
  • Recognize and analyze definitions, concepts related to and the 5 core applications of AI
  • Explore types of artificial intelligence, its role in the classroom and the role of the teacher in AI
  • Highlight the benefits, challenges and discuss the future of AI in Education
  • Discuss the impact of AI in Special Needs
  • Recognize and analyze future jobs
  • Develop the skillset for future jobs in school

All school leaders and educators in Ras Al Khaimah schools are eligible.

Mode of Delivery
This Virtual Training course is bilingual, delivered in Arabic and English.

About Instructor

Nazeema Raju

Nazeema Raju is from South Africa where she started her teaching career as a classroom teacher in 1996 and relocated to the UAE in 2008 as part of the Ministry of Education, Madares Al Ghad reform project. She was appointed as an Instructional Leadership Coordinator in boys’ and girls’ public schools in Ras Al Khaimah and as a result has an in-depth knowledge of education culture in public schools. Her 24 years of experience and knowledge within the education Industry teaching, mentoring, training and leading teachers recognizes her as a dedicated and passionate educator who strives to enhance teaching using 21st century skills effectively in classrooms.

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