Deconstructing Pedagogical Approaches

shabana aamir · January 15, 2023

Pedagogy might sound like a complicated concept, but put simply, it’s just the method and practice of teaching in general, especially in relation to academic subjects or theoretical concepts. Pedagogy can refer to all levels of teaching, from Early years, primary, and all the way up to higher education.

When it comes to the fundamentals of Pedagogy, there are five different approaches to consider. Each of these approaches are usually placed on a spectrum from teacher-focused to learner-focused pedagogy. As the names suggest, teacher-focused pedagogy revolves around teachers, putting them at the center of the learning process, while learner-focused pedagogy is centered around learners playing an active role in the learning process.

The most effective pedagogies encompass a range of teaching techniques, including a detailed guide for teachers, structured and whole-class group work, guided learning, assessment practice and individual activity. These pedagogies focus on improving higher-order thinking and meta-cognition and make good use of questioning and dialogue.

This five-week course, therefore, is designed for teachers who are keen on improving the quality of their teaching, understanding how to deepen their students’ learning.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding what pedagogy is, and the distinction between the pedagogical approaches
  • Apply or embed the pedagogical approaches to their teaching practice
  • Design and execute lesson plans that reflect the different pedagogical approaches
  • Reflect on the application of the pedagogical approaches in their actual lessons and share their learning with peers
  • Evaluate own practices

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