Educational Technology

Ibrahim Mohammed · January 16, 2021

In this five-week course, educators will explore several different online learning tools, and ideas that will engage students in a variety of ways during blended/hybrid, remote, and in-person classroom learning. Educators will be motivated and trained to use a wide range of educational tools in teaching to provide better interaction with students, better reception and retention of information and strategies to motivate students to work independently. This course includes a collection of online tools that will set individual learning pathways for students based on their needs, their interests, or learning levels.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected almost every area of the world, and education was no exception. Perhaps, it was one of the most affected sectors, with not just short but long-term consequences. However, technology seems to be the one element connecting teachers and students amid the crisis and is expected to continue playing a major role in the educational landscape. Therefore, improving teachers’ technological skills will ensure continuation of the educational process in spite of the current circumstances and beyond. This course is therefore, a vital step towards educational agility.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Create enjoyable and interactive learning experiences for students
  • Tailor teaching styles to meet students’ individual needs
  • Use technology for gamified learning to deliver an immersive learning experience to students
  • Design, test and share lessons that incorporate technology tools for students’ use
  • Create a plan for effectively integrating technology into instruction

All school leaders and educators in Ras Al Khaimah schools are eligible.

Mode of Delivery
This Virtual Training course is bilingual, delivered in Arabic and English.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 3 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate