‘Keys’ to Successful Classroom Management

Muhammad Ahmad Ata Khader · January 16, 2023

No student learns effectively in an uncontrolled learning environment, no matter what that looks like for a grade and age group. Classroom management is planned not improvised, it’s preventative rather than reactive, controlled and organized rather than chaotic and an opportunity for all students and teachers to experience success. Every teacher wrestles with the challenge of keeping students engaged in a classroom. While better instruction generally results in better behaved students, the most brilliantly crafted lessons can fall on deaf ears or, worse, be upended by disruptive behavior. A strong, veteran teacher may occasionally have difficulty handling disengaged or poorly behaved students however, for new teachers the strain of trying to deliver sufficiently engaging instruction while orchestrating appropriate behavior can be intense, overwhelming, and ultimately defeating.

Classroom managements skills are essential even for the most talented teacher: learning simply cannot occur alongside misbehavior and chaos. Instruction flourishes in a classroom environment that promotes a collaborative community, encourages student voice, creativity, leadership, critical thinking, and effective teamwork. In successful classroom management, students’ needs are at the heart of the teaching process.

This five-week course therefore has been created for teachers who want to learn more about managing an effective and up to date classroom that strives for active student engagement and uses the latest techniques and classroom tools.

Furthermore, teachers will learn about managing a classroom through reflection, group discussion, and case scenarios, which encourage discussions and resolution of the most common classroom problems. Through interactive and engaging activities participants will learn how to boost motivation, establish classroom rules, provide clear instructions, monitor, develop rapport, incorporate pair, and group work, and gain tips for encouraging students to reflect on their own classroom behavior.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Strengthen their positive classroom management by promoting positive relationships with students who have behavioral issues as well as improve their social skills
  • Manage a classroom effectively by establishing rules with logical consequences
  • Deal with ‘difficult’ behavior by working on collaborative solutions
  • Give clear instructions, organize pair, and group work
  • Motivate learners and encourage self-reflection on behavior
  • Develop working methods and approaches for building positive and welcoming environments
  • Exchange best practices and share experiences about classroom management with other teachers and educators

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All educators in Ras Al Khaimah and across the United Arab Emirates

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