Teaching Tools and Classroom Management Strategies

Hanadi Mohammed · August 8, 2020

This six-week course is developed to enable all subject teachers to improve their skills and become more proficient at their jobs by discussing practical and applicable classroom strategies. By discovering, application of, and sharing new teaching strategies, teachers will not only go back to the classroom and adapt their teaching styles and curricula to better suit students, but also focus on and cater to the individual needs of students. The course will enable teachers to expand their knowledge in different subject areas, hence increase teacher effectiveness and more opportunities to engage students actively in learning.

The course will provide teachers with an opportunity to share ideas and best practice so that they can improve their performance and raise student achievement and attainment.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in their classrooms/schools.
  • Demonstrate understanding and increase in their knowledge thus share best educational practices with their departments at school.
  • Design a well-structured lesson plan that combines a variety of strategies.
  • Analyse and evaluate the strengths and areas of improvement of a given lesson plan, as well as give feedback on how to improve the lesson plan.
  • Explore their own classroom teaching practices and use effective tools to enhance student engagement and active/effective learning.
  • Integrate curriculum, instruction, and assessment to promote learning with vivid understanding. Hence assess learning – AFL and AOL (Formative and Summative).

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