2022 Q1 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2022 Q1 Edition of the Ras Al Khaimah Teachers Network (RAKTN) Newsletter.

Welcome to our quarterly edition of the Ras Al Khaimah Teachers Network (RAKTN) newsletter.

In these newsletters, you will get to know the different activities that are lined up for educators and a peek into upcoming initiatives.

Thank you all for being a part of the Foundation’s Professional Development Programs, and we look forward to your active participation and involvement.

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Spring 2022 PD Course offerings

We listened to your feedback and incorporated your suggestions into the Spring PD Cycle to cater to your different training needs. The courses prepared educators for the Teacher License Test, how to use Metacognition strategies and Inquiry-based learning to “stretch” students’ critical thinking skills, and the future of construction through the Digital Built Environment. Educators improved students’ learning experiences through design, data analysis and learnt about the different developmental, emotional behavioral disorders children may have along with how to identify specific needs that children may have to reach their educational goals. If you missed the ‘real-time’ trainings, you can pace your learning by watching the recorded sessions of the featured courses, visit https://raktn.org/

An Upcoming Exchange Program

The Al Qasimi Foundation team is pleased to inform you of an upcoming new exchange program for Ras Al Khaimah educators (keep your ears to the ground for the host country and more details).

During this exchange, a group of Al Qasimi Foundation employees, educators from Ras Al Khaimah, and representatives of the Ministry of Education and Emirates School Establishment will visit the host country.

The main purpose of the RAK Teachers Exchange Program is to provide opportunities for educators in Ras Al Khaimah public schools, representatives from Emirates School Establishment, and the Ministry of Education to develop their knowledge and skills in education and to explore different learning environments through exchange with schools in other countries.

Read more…. (The Al Qasimi Foundation will inform you when the call for applications to participate in the RAK Teachers Exchange Program opens. Educators and administrators will be selected from Ras Al Khaimah schools in addition to representatives from Emirates School Establishment, and the Ministry of Education to participate in the RAK Teachers Exchange Program.

In the host country, participants will visit several educational institutions, including the Ministry of Education, public and private schools. Participants will also be able to discover the rich culture of the country.

The RAK Teachers Exchange Program is a great opportunity for educators from Ras Al Khaimah and representatives from the Emirates School Establishment, and the Ministry of Education to more learn about various educational issues, study their own practices, and explore similarities and differences between schools in the UAE and those in the host country. This Teacher Exchange Program will serve as a part of the Foundation’s Teacher Professional Development Program. It will allow participants to refine their research skills within an international framework and support their professional and personal development.

Once participants are selected, they will participate in a series of workshops aimed at maximizing multicultural experiences, introducing Ras Al Khaimah teachers and the representatives from the Emirates School Establishment, and the Ministry of Education to the host’s education system before travelling.

The benefits of this exchange will not end at the end of the host visit. On return, the participants will share their research findings with their colleagues through presentations and use ideas from their experience to improve educational practices in Ras Al Khaimah. In this way, the RAK Teachers Exchange Program qualifies teachers to provide the best for both students and the community as a whole.

We request Alumni to join their page here https://raktn.org/groups/international-exchange-program/members/all-members/ )

Eligibility: A candidate should have participated in two recent Professional Development courses offered by the Al Qasimi Foundation.)

An Upcoming RAKTN Symposium

The Al Qasimi Foundation team is pleased to inform you of an annual RAKTN Symposium which will invite applications to present at this event. This Symposium will be part of our professional development initiatives that contribute towards improving teaching and learning in Ras Al Khaimah and across the United Arab Emirates.

This annual event will be a platform to actively engage and learn with educators who “move needles” in the field of education and themes will revolve around; professional development, professional learning communities, classroom management, teaching and learning, curriculum, Edtech, best practices, and more.

Read more…. (Speakers will be invited to submit proposals.

The audience for this event will be classroom teachers, heads of department, middle and senior-school leadership teams, school administrators, educational institutions and organisations. Keep your ears on the RAKTN ground for details.

RAK Awards for Educational Excellence eligibility

RAK Awards for Educational Excellence is an initiative that aims to create an educational ecosystem that supports innovation, creativity, and excellence. It encourages educational institutions to implement development standards and motivate schools, teachers, students, and all stakeholders involved in the educational process to support quality pathways, which lead to the improvement of the educational system in Ras Al Khaimah.

Eligibility: It will be open to all educators however; one of the criteria will be that a candidate should have participated in at least two recent Professional Development courses offered by the Al Qasimi Foundation. Keep your ears on the RAKTN ground for details.

Call for “Outstanding” Ras Al Khaimah School Project Grant Applications

The Al Qasimi Foundation’s Professional Development Program is grounded in evidence that teachers themselves, rather than outside consultants often have the solutions to the problems they face because of their experience in the classroom and rich local knowledge of students’ strengths and weaknesses.  

Based on these principles, the Foundation established its Community Impact Grants to support and inspire educators to find creative, collaborative approaches that are a springboard for improving student learning. These grants seek to highlight positive impacts and measureable results individuals and schools can make based on their intimate knowledge of their students and the local community.

There are four levels of funding available depending on the applicant(s) involved and the nature of the proposed project or initiative:

  • Individuals (up to 5,000 AED)
  • Schools (up to 10, 000AED)
  • Collaborations (up to 25,000 AED)
  • Partnerships (up to 50,000 AED)

For details, please visit Community Grants (alqasimifoundation.com)

To apply, please complete this form Government Grant Application (alqasimifoundation.com)

Educational Resources

Visit www.resourceya.com for useful resources to use with your students.

Resourceya is an easy-to-use and diverse online platform for teachers to exchange teaching materials.  It empowers teachers to make a difference. Teachers can find free or inexpensive materials from that are up-to-date and appealing. In addition, teachers can draw inspiration from their colleagues by sharing best practices, recommendations, experiences, perspectives and ideas with the entire community.

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School News

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Our Mission

The Ras Al Khaimah Teachers Network exists to enable community educators to collaborate, share knowledge, and support one another.

All teachers and education leaders in Ras Al Khaimah are welcome to join this network, share their experiences, ask questions, and support one another by making Ras Al Khaimah an inspiring and transformative teaching and learning environment.