Chatbots & AI in Education; Enriching Learning Experiences

Ibrahim Mohammed · September 4, 2023

Not long ago, surveyed 3,017 high school and college students and 3,234 parents. 10% of the students reported that they had studied with ChatGPT in addition to a tutor, while 15% of parents with school-aged children said their kids used the AI tools in addition to a tutor as well. When further asked whether they believed studying with a tutor or studying with ChatGPT was more effective, about 85% of the students and 96% of parents thought ChatGPT more effective. Despite the excitement, experts advise that ChatGPT may not yet be an effective substitute for teachers. Most of us probably aren’t tutors however, we are in the same line of work. With this debate and technological advancement accelerating, where does it leave us as educators? For more details about the survey visit

It’s on the backdrop of improving tech savviness that this course was developed to assist educators with acquiring skills that will enable them to effectively use Chatbot tools and AI such as ChatGPT, thereby streamlining their teaching methods and stimulating students’ learning. It will include strategies for enriching the learning experience by offering individualized assistance to students, delivering interactive subject content, along with pertinent materials.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explore the potential benefits and applications of chatbots and AI in education
  • Craft Educational Chatbots: Learn techniques for designing engaging chatbots, including UX design, conversational structure, and NLP
  • Apply strategies for seamlessly incorporating chatbots into educational processes
  • Customise Learning with Chatbots: Utilize chatbots for personalized learning, adaptive approaches, and real-time assistance
  • Explore and apply how chatbots can improve accessibility for diverse student abilities
  • Reflect on and evaluate ethical and privacy aspects of using chatbots and AI in education

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