Culture in the Classroom

Shelley Reinhart · August 25, 2021


This course will develop cultural self-awareness and skills to better support inclusive classrooms that promote the success of all students, regardless of cultural background.

KnowledgeWorkx Education equips educators to first understand their self-culture – how they individually understand and interpret the world around them through their own cultural lens. From that place of self-understanding, we equip teachers to navigate the cultures present in their classrooms. This leads to a critically examination of current lesson plans and classroom management techniques from a culturally inclusive perspective.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify individual self-culture by examining the Three Colors of Worldview framework and analyze ways in which self-culture impacts relationships at home and at school
  2. Evaluate current relational and classroom practices from a cultural perspective
  3. Formulate strategies to create a more culturally inclusive classroom
  4. Create a classroom culture that welcomes all students and their families and leverages cultural preferences to support learning
  5. Develop cultural self-awareness and understanding of a simple cultural framework to serve as reference for teaching practice
  6. Analyze relational dynamics with colleagues, parents, and students to promote better interactions, and learn classroom management techniques and student engagement strategies drawing from cultural assets and understanding

All educators and school leaders in Ras Al Khaimah are eligible.

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