Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

Hanadi Mohammed · August 8, 2020

This four-week course is mainly based on the idea that differentiated instruction benefits all learners, however, it needs to be presented by well-prepared, experienced and knowledgeable teachers. Multiple Intelligence-based learning is effective in terms of improving student achievement levels and their attitudes towards learning. It caters to a broad spectrum of individual student learning needs.

This course will therefore provide detailed practical training on planning instruction which is designed to help students develop their strengths, with the intention of triggering their confidence to develop areas in which they are not as strong, selection of a range of meaningful and appropriate methods, activities, and assessments. After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the intelligence in their classrooms.
  • Demonstrate understanding the different learning styles in order to adapt their teaching style to their students’.
  • Plan differentiated lessons that reflect the Multiple Intelligences.
  • Apply the knowledge of Multiple Intelligences in classroom instruction to facilitate effective learning hence raise levels of student achievement and attainment.
  • Explore and use a range of teaching models which reflect different learner characteristics/ styles.

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