Strategies For Bridging Learning Gaps

Masnoena Nazir · January 16, 2023

Distance learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic heavily impacted the education sector leaving a wide range of learning gaps across all subjects, mainly core subjects such as Math and Science being one of the major effects. Thus, a challenge for teachers to address these learning gaps whilst still teaching prescribed curricular.

The transition back to learning face-to-face in schools has made the learning gap even more evident. It is obvious that the expected curricular being taught and the students’ expected knowledge level, skills and abilities are not at par at this point in time. It is consequently overwhelming teachers as they are at a crossroad between having to teach to a given curriculum and standards, and students lacking foundational knowledge and skills to move forward. This also fits directly into classrooms that have a wide range of learning abilities/levels which makes it almost impossible for teachers to cater to the different student learning needs grouped together in classes.

This five-week course recognizes that teachers need a ‘rope or crutch to lean on’ and will support them to find solutions, strategies, and ways to bridge these gaps, as well as determine essential foundational knowledge and skills and scaffold learning in a manner that benefits all students, narrows the gaps and effectively measures growth over time.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Use data to identify and classify learning gaps
  • Determine which skills, knowledge, content, focus areas are important and set goals for narrowing or closing the learning gaps to get students to the appropriate level needed to move forward
  • Carry out needs assessments and assign instructional time daily to fill the identified gaps
  • Formulate an action plan
  • Measure effectiveness of strategies used and remediation for ineffective strategies

Mode of Delivery
Virtual Training

All school leaders and educators in Ras Al Khaimah and the United Arab Emirates

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