Using Technology to Enhance Teaching & Learning

parveen ibrahim · January 15, 2023

“As an experienced teacher in UAE I have maintained a class blog for the past 12 years now. The advantages and benefits of having a highly active class website are far too many and outweigh the time required to update and maintain it. I use it as a knowledge trail for my students where they can see the work they have done across the year and a great way to display details while showcasing the big picture…” wrote Ms. Parveen when asked why she blogs.

This course will help teachers set up blogs/websites to enhance their personal teaching experience. Setting up a teacher-focused blog can help build rewarding relationships with other professionals, students (share their learning), and parents. With the tools available online, blogging can be accomplished by anyone without an IT background for free.

Why a teacher blog?

  • It provides a venue for quieter (non-verbal) students to “speak” and contribute
  • Your content may encourage increased student and parental engagement
  • It can improve your school’s online visibility
  • Your blog can create opportunities for professional networking and growth
  • A professional blog can showcase your accomplishments when you are job hunting

A very hands-on approach is what this course will offer, combining elements of theory, group work and discussion with experiential phases in which participants will have an opportunity to create their own blogs.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding what teacher blogging is about and how to maximise its impact for teaching and learning
  • Design a blog in accordance with their teaching and learning philosophies
  • Use free assessment tools to gather real time feedback from students
  • Embed some online tools into their everyday teaching to enhance student learning experiences
  • Review and use some presentation software

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Virtual Training

All school educators in Ras Al Khaimah and across the United Arab Emirates

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